New year new Project

After a few week’s break from stitching, having been away on our annual windsurfing trip to Boracay in the Philippines, it feels good to be back in my sewing room and starting work on a new project. The project is a series of four wall hangings featuring African sunsets shot in the┬áKruger National park by a friend, and it makes a nice change to be working on something a bit different from my usual Asian inspired designs.

To start with I made some washes on paper so that I could experiment with the colour mixes I would need when I came to do the skies on cloth. This is one of the ones that I did.

When I was happy with the colours on paper I decided to try some samples on fabric using fabric paints. I dampened the whole piece first, then painted a pale wash of yellow before adding other colours.

the samples drying on the line

Once the samples were dry, I heat set them with an iron and then backed each piece with fusible web. I did the same with a strip of commercial batik fabric which I will use for the ground and sky line. I fussy cut an uneven edge for the sky line, then fused that to the background sky and then fused the whole lot onto a backing of muslin.

I made another smaller sample so that I could experiment with stitching, and I used a fabric pen to sketch in some trees and shrubs.

I wanted a fine thread to stitch the details and go along the edge so I used Aurifil 50wt cotton and a narrow free motion zigzag. I varied the angle and width of the stitching to give an uneven edge to the sky line.

8 thoughts on “New year new Project

  1. Hi Anne, it’s so exciting to watch the birth of our photos on cloth! Looks amazing so far!

  2. So glad you like what I’ve done so far; these are just the experimental pieces. Now that I have decided how I’m going to do them and have got the scale right I shall start work on the real thing. It’s fun to work on something a bit different.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this detail work, Anna. I am absolutely fascinated. And, I love the subject matter! If I follow, the detail on the trees – is that a combination of fabric pen and zig-zag free motion stitching? I am also curious what you used to fuse the pieces to the muslin.

  4. Hi Judy, thanks for your comments. On the small little sample piece I did use a combination of fabric pen and free motion zig zag, but on the larger piece I just stitched free hand without drawing first. For fusing the pieces to the background I’ve used Bondaweb, but I think any double sided fusible web would work, as long as it isn’t too sticky so that it gums up the needle. I haven’t decided yet what I will do about quilting the pieces, or whether I even will.

  5. Wow Anne – that looks lovely. Very different to your usual colours! I hope you have an inspired 2011!

  6. Thanks Helen, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things again after Boracay and this is a good project to get me going. As you say, very different from my usual colours, but now it’s got me thinking of some of those sunset photos I’ve taken along the Belait river and never done anything with.

  7. I love the colour and the glow and seeing the way you work. My course tutor would love you. How big do you plan the final hangings to be?
    Now you have got me thinking about susnset photos from the boat club in KB. I am looking forward to visiting in March.

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