Been away for a while

I haven’t written my blog for several weeks as my sewing has been on hold after receiving very sad news on the sudden death of my eldest sister. I flew back to England a few days after I heard the news, and my other sister who lives in Gibraltar also joined me and we spent some time together with our mum before the funeral, where we were also joined by our father who lives in France. Very sad times, and it was such a shock as none of us had realized that she was so ill and by the time she went into hospital it was too late for them to do anything about it. I am now back in Brunei and starting to get back to my normal routine again but every so often I am still struck by waves of sadness.

Before I left for England I took a few photos round the house and garden to show people back home, but in the rush of leaving I forgot to upload them to my laptop so I will post a few of them here on my blog instead. The house we live in here has recently been painted so looking quite smart at the moment but the garden needs a lot of work.

This is really the back of the house and we look out onto the sea, which is where you can see the tall trees.

The view from our patio, the border is looking a little overgrown. Beyond the fence is a bit of scrub and then the sea so I hope the tides don’t continue to rise at the rate they have been doing over the last few years otherwise we will soon be under water!

Standing on the beach, looking back at the house. The trees on either side are home to squirrels, birds, the occasional monkey, and sometimes snakes too. Recently we were observing a small owl that would swoop across the open space in front of the patio every evening. It would appear at the same time every evening and we would watch it going back and forth until it got too dark to see it any more. For a while it was even perching on the branch that you can see going across the open space and we could see it quite clearly, although only the outline. In many countries I know that owls are considered birds of ill omen, and the strange thing is that my husband saw it a few more times when I was away and then when I came back after the funeral we haven’t seen it since. Sometimes it does make┬áme wonder.

A cluster of sweet scented frangipani blossoms. I planted this tree near our patio so that we can smell the flowers when we sit there in the evening.