making a tea towel

I received another batch of samples and fabrics of my designs from last week and amongst them were these orchid patterns.

orchid design fabrics

They are all based on watercolour paintings I did a while ago from a beautiful bouquet of orchids I was given. The purple spotted orchid I had printed onto linen/cotton canvas and I loved how vibrantly the colours have come out.

purple spotted orchid fabric

I decided to make this fabric up into tea towels as 1 yard of fabric divides perfectly to make 4 tea towels approximately 17″ x 26″ (43cm x 66cm). For each tea towel I cut off the unprinted selvedges, then folded over 1/4″, pressed with a stream iron and then folded over another 1/4″. I stitched the sides first then top and bottom. including a short length of tape in the top corner for a hanging loop.

hanging loop

The fabric is quite thick so I found it helped to cut off a small mount of fabric across the corners before stitching the top and bottom edges. I used a #14 Topstitch needle, but a #16 might have made the stitching a little easier. My newly made tea towel now hangs in pride of place in my kitchen.

orchid tea towel